Does Pizza Hut Drug Test?

If you’re looking for a job at Pizza Hut or you already have an interview date set, one of the questions you may have at the back of your mind is does Pizza Hut drug test?

This article seeks to answer this question and also inform you if Pizza Hut conducts any drug tests, and background checks.

Pizza Hut is one of the best places to work especially if you are a teen looking to save some money or you are looking for an in-between job. You can hold down a temporary job or even advance to a corporate level depending on your career goals.

Facts about Pizza Hut Franchise

Does Pizza Hut Drug Test?

The American restaurant chain Pizza Hut is regarded as one of the largest pizza chains in the world based on the number of outlets. It was started in 1958 by Frank and Dan Carney, and as of right now, there are over 18,300 restaurants spread across more than 100 nations.

The franchise has close to 355,000 workers and is constantly recruiting new employees.

The chain is a favorite among many people and is well-known for its Italian-American food. The company has a high employee turnover and employees are constantly coming and going.

Does Pizza Hut Conduct Pre-Employment Tests?

Pizza Hut prides itself in providing high-quality fast foods and good customer service to its rather massive customer base. To achieve these high standards, the franchise requires cooperation from all stakeholders, from the top-level management to the day-to-day temporary employee.

The franchise does not have any official drug policy. However, each branch is capacitated to create and conduct its own drug policies. Hence this may differ depending on the Pizza Hut branch. All Pizza Hut locations leave it to Pizza Hut management to implement drug testing.

Some stores do perform drug tests while others do not and there are a number of reports that say Pizza Hut does conduct pre-employment drug tests. They offer a candidate a conditional job offer and conduct a drug test as the last step during recruitment.

When it comes to Pizza Hut’s drug test: whether or not a drug test is administered to you depends on the specific job you are applying for. Generally, delivery drivers and managers are likely to get a drug test.

What Does Pizza Hut Drug Test For?

Regional Branch managers have the mandate to conduct random drug tests if it is considered an effective move in order to improve the quality of employees and customer experience.

Some branches in Schertz, Texas conduct random drug tests every 30 days. Others in Granite City, Illinois usually conduct random drug tests of their employees after every 6 months.

Random tests may be put in place at any time if the management feels like it is in the best interest of the branch and the franchise at large.

In addition to that, if you are suspected to be under the influence of drugs while at work, the management may decide to conduct a drug test.

There are certain scenarios that may lead to management initiating a drug test on an employee. One is :

  • If it can be concluded without a reasonable doubt that a worker is using drugs.
  • Also if an employee has been involved in an accident. This especially affects delivery drivers.

One such specific policy on drug testing enacted by Desert De Oro Foods Inc, a company that runs a couple of Pizza Hut drug test stores is that “Testing is an important element in the Company’s efforts to ensure a safe and productive work environment.

This company conducts drug tests under the above-stated conditions. Employees with positive drug tests or those who fail to show up for the test face possible termination of their contract.

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What Kind of Drugs Can You Be Tested For?

Pizza Hut is mainly concerned with knowing if one of its employees has been using narcotics. Pizza Hut uses standard 5-panel urine screens used in the tests that are provided by the testing facilities. These tests are typically used to test for:

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Phencyclidine
  • Opiates
  • Methamphetamine/amphetamine

What type of Drug Test Does Pizza Hut Use?

Pizza Hut conducts drug testing in liaison to a laboratory facility of its choice. They normally employ a 5-panel urinalysis test. These tests for the aforementioned drugs are used to uncover a wide range of recreational drugs and narcotics.

This test is considered more effective at revealing the drug content in one’s body and is also cost-effective hence Pizza Hut can administer it on a large scale basis.

What If you are Under Prescription Drugs?

Suppose you are scheduled to undertake drug testing and you have prescription drugs from your doctor. It is important to inform your manager before taking the test. You may be asked to provide your doctor’s contacts to prove that indeed you are taking prescription drugs.

The drug testing will definitely identify the presence of prescription drugs in your body but nevertheless will not affect the outcome and possibly your contract.

Job Roles That Attract Drug Tests.

If you are applying for a delivery driver position, you may be given pre-employment drug testing. This will highly depend on the branch you are applying to and the drug policies enacted by the regional managers of that specific branch.

Also, if you are involved in an accident, you may be issued with a drug test post-accident in order to determine if the root cause was drug use.

Additionally, if you are looking to be promoted to a senior role says a manager, the management may issue you with a drug test as part of the hiring process.

How To Pass Your Drug Test?

Depending on your level of indulgence, you may want to take specific measures in order to pass your drug testing. While it is not advisable to get high during your shift hours, in case you find yourself in this situation here is what you should know:

First, you should have knowledge of the length of time that traces of any drug taken show up in your urine.

If you are a light user, you may have up to 4-5 days during which your drug testing will be positive. For moderate users, the time span is 10-12 days while heavy users have about 35-90 days.

In a case where a random drug test is issued and you are a light or moderate user, you may need to detox yourself. Detox drinks should be taken on your drug testing day and if all goes well you will pass your test.

Pizza Hut’s Background Check Process.

Pizza Hut does conduct a background check process before hiring an employee and while they may not conduct it without letting you know, you should talk to your hiring manager in case you have a record.

Although one may want to hide their previous record to avoid discrimination, hiding details from your prospective employers may lead to dismissal.

How Is a Background Check Conducted at Pizza Hut?

Various states have varied laws governing how far back a criminal history check can be performed. It is important to have this information when applying at Pizza Hut since it will greatly affect whether you get the job or not.

The legal guidelines for each state are provided below.

The twelve states listed below do not allow reporting of a felony conviction if it is older than seven years. These are the states:

  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New York*
  • Texas
  • Colorado*
  • Kansas*
  • Maryland*
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire*
  • Washington*

The states that have an asterisk * make exceptions based on salary.

These states allow reports going as far back as possible and reports of Not Guilty verdicts:

  • Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

These states do not allow reporting on Not guilty verdicts:

  • Alaska, California, New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan.

Can I Apply For at Pizza Hut if I am an Ex-convict?

It is now simpler for felons to apply for jobs thanks to current civil and labor legislation. According to the Fair Chance Act, employers cannot ask about criminal records before offering you any jobs.

This act is enforced in 14 states including Maryland and California. However, this does not stop the employer from completing a background check after hiring.

Pizza Hut’s At-Will Employment.

Pizza Hut is among the many businesses that practice at-will employment. Generally, employers may terminate an employee’s contract at any time and without cause under the terms of at-will employment, according to US Labor Law Code section 2922, provided the cause is not unlawful.

This law also assumes the same for an employee, giving them the right to leave a job without warning if they have a legal reason.

Although Pizza Hut hires ex-convicts, they can dismiss an employee for legal based reasons if they have been convicted of:

  • Theft or Robbery.
  • Possession, distribution, or use of illicit drugs.
  • Any Violent crime.

It is possible to get around at-will employment. The Fair Chance Act is one such law that can help with exemptions of records during the hiring process. A felon can also consider joining a trade union in their area to help protect them from unfair treatment in the workplace.

How to Apply to Pizza Hut with A Felony.

Most companies choose not to employ people with a felony or positive results from random drug testing. They go by the rule of hiring the best of the best. However, you can try your luck by using a different approach when applying for a position.

First, you should go to your local Pizza Hut manager at nearby Pizza Hut branches and explain your unique situation and why they should consider you, regardless of past random drug testing results. You may also be able to ask if the Pizza Hut branches near you conduct random drug testing.

Apply for entry-level positions where you can prove your trustworthiness and resilience. With time and luck, you may get promotions and move up the ladder.


Job seeking is always a hustle and a competition for the best candidates. Companies take different measures to filter out prospective employees based on certain metrics.

Pizza Hut drug testing is no different. During both hiring and ongoing contract timeliness, Pizza Hut ensures that their Pizza Hut employees are meeting the set standards even if it means issuing drug tests. One tip is, to be honest during the hiring process and ensure you fulfill what is expected from you. Now, you have the answer to the question: “Does Pizza Hut drug test?”

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