Suitable Housing For Felons In Florida

It can be difficult for felons to find good housing opportunities in the Sunshine State. Is there viable housing for felons in Florida?

Florida is an outstanding state for people looking for great employment opportunities. Plus, Florida has beautiful weather throughout the year and some of the nation’s best beaches.

Individuals moving to Florida will enjoy an affordable cost of living, friendly people, and gorgeous scenery. Still, the housing market in Florida is tough due to increased demand.

Why Florida?

Why Florida?

The state of Florida has a lot to offer felons and people with clean criminal records. When felons are released from prison, they’re eager to straighten out their lives and become productive members of society. Florida offers vast opportunities for people of all backgrounds even if they have felony convictions.

Plus, Florida provides residents with countless benefits with one of the biggest being no state income tax. As a result, Florida residents can work hard and save more of their money.

Florida’s population is diverse with people from different cultures and countries. You’re going to feel comfortable in Florida whether you’re an Indian, African American, or Native American.

The state also offers excellent attractions, enjoyable weather, and plenty of jobs. Whether you want to work in construction, amusement parks, or heating and air, you will find something that suits your preferences in Florida.

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Is Florida Good For Felons?

Certain states are better for felons than others. If you’re trying to start a new life, Florida will likely prove to be a good option for you. The state has one of the biggest construction industries in the country since the demand for housing is exceptionally high. Florida has a thriving jobs market thanks to the ongoing construction.

It also has amusement parks, museums, and many other jobs. Since Florida’s construction market is thriving, there will be plenty of good jobs for people with felony convictions. There are new houses and apartments being built constantly so there are plenty of rentals for everyone.

Finding Housing For Felons In Florida 2024

Housing For Felons In Florida

Felons interested in relocating to Florida must find suitable housing before their moves. Since these individuals are felons, they’ll have an uphill battle.

Some property managers aren’t eager to open their doors to felons while others are. Use the advice below to find housing in Florida.

#1. Ask A Realtor

First, you should try speaking to a realtor. Before you can do that, you need to figure out your desired destination. Would you like to move to Ocala, Orlando, Miami, or Tampa? Pick a destination. Then, you can begin looking for realtors in that area.

Local realtors will have relationships with landlords and property managers in their respective locations. They can help you find apartments in Florida that are willing to rent to felons. The only issue is that you may have to pay for a realtor’s assistance, but it will likely be worth it.

#2. Using Property Search Sites

You’ll also want to use property search sites such as Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor. Pick a site that shows houses for sale and rent.

Property search sites can make it much easier for felons to locate suitable rentals in Florida. When you use these sites, you will find a lot of information about rentals in any Florida city.

You can look through the pictures to ensure that the apartment is right for you. You’ll also find a comprehensive description of the apartment.

Be sure to read it carefully since it’ll tell you more about the apartment’s size, location, amenities, and requirements.

#3. Ask Around

If you know people in the city, you can use them to help you find a suitable rental. They likely know landlords and renters. These people may know about apartments that are available to rent.

It is wise to ask around because your friends may help you avoid an extensive search. Be sure to mention that you’re a felon so they can look for apartments that will accept you anyway.

#4. Classified Sites

When you need to find a rental in Florida, you cannot ignore the possibility of using classified sites such as Craigslist and Facebook.

Landlords regularly add their listings to these sites so they can reach potential renters. Usually, you can reach the landlord using these sites so you can ask them questions.

These sites also provide essential information about the rental, including the price, amenities, and fees. Some may tell you whether felons are accepted. If not, you’ll need to contact the landlord to find out.

#5. Try Agencies

You’ll also want to try working with a local housing agency. If you’re already living in Florida, you can likely get assistance from HUD or a local nonprofit.

In some cases, these agencies can even help you pay the monthly rent. However, some benefits may not be available to felons.

Still, it is a good idea to call your local agency to see if you can get assistance.

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Felon-Friendly Weekly Hotels

Felon-Friendly Weekly Hotels

As a felon, you are likely used to hearing “no,” whether it is employment or housing. Anyone looking to not only avoid an awkward situation but potentially save a little money should consider a weekly hotel.

Weekly motel rates are generally affordable even for low-income felons. However, there are brands that charge more than the average rental property. Another advantage of weekly hotels is the rental process which does not include a background check.

To approve for a weekly motel, you only need to provide the clerk with your driver’s license or another government ID. The cost is upfront for the entire week and weekly, thereafter.

Tenants are not penalized for leaving early. As long as the rent is paid on time each week, the tenant can live there forever.


Florida has a growing economy with plenty of jobs for felons. While it has a constrained housing market, the construction industry is rapidly addressing this problem by building new houses.

Thankfully, there are many great apartment complexes throughout the state. Even felons will be able to find suitable rentals in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and other cities.

Do your research to ensure that you’re applying for apartments that will accept felons.