Does Planet Fitness Drug Test?

Does Planet Fitness drug test? The public American company operates fitness centers around the world with locations in Canada, Panama, Mexico, Australia, and the United States. The company employs many people and helps transform the lives of many others.

Does the company drug test when hiring new workers? More about the company’s hiring process and drug testing policy will be provided below.

Does Planet Fitness Drug Test For Employment in 2024?

Does Planet Fitness Drug Test For Employment

Surprisingly, Planet Fitness does not drug test new workers. It is uncommon for this company to drug test new workers. It usually doesn’t perform random tests.

Nevertheless, Planet Fitness workers may be drug tested at some point. Typically, this happens when someone is accused of using illegal drugs at work.

If someone fails a drug test at Planet Fitness, they’re likely going to be terminated.

About Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is one of the biggest operators of fitness centers. The company was founded in 1992 by Marc and Michael Grondahl. The men purchased a Gold’s Gym franchise in Dover, New Hampshire.

The gym was struggling so the brothers ended up closing it. After closing the original location, they opened a new gym named Coastal Fitness. In addition to this, they added a new partner named Chris Rondeau who is the current CEO of Planet Fitness.

After purchasing the naming rights for Planet Fitness, the Grondahl brothers renamed their franchise. Today, it is estimated that there are more than 2,000 Planet Fitness gyms around the world and thousands of workers.

Working at Planet Fitness can be fun because you’ll get to work directly with others. Nevertheless, certain hurdles have to be jumped before someone can get hired by this company.

Getting Hired At Planet Fitness

Getting Hired At Planet Fitness

It isn’t too difficult to get a job at Planet Fitness, but there must be openings in your city. Thankfully, it is easy to determine whether there are job openings with this company in any area.

Besides using a search engine, someone can also find openings by visiting the careers portion of the Planet Fitness website. On this page, the user can search for jobs based on location using a zip code or city.

One thing to remember is that many gyms are owned by franchisees. If someone is hired at a franchise gym, they’re employed by the franchisee and not Planet Fitness. Regardless, using the website is the easiest way to find jobs in your area.

It is also possible to apply for a position using this website. You can complete the form on the website or apply online using Indeed.

Regardless, it is easy to get hired by Planet Fitness when jobs are available. The page will provide the user with information about the job duties and applicant requirements.

Perks Of Working At Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness can be a good employer for many people. The company provides workers with many excellent benefits, including insurance, paid time off, and more. Workers will also receive a free Planet Fitness membership.

A 10% discount is usually given to workers. They’ll also receive a black card membership so they can use the equipment whenever they want.

Workers will also appreciate that they can work with others, lose weight, and build relationships. Planet Fitness offers excellent work that will prove to be enjoyable and interesting. You’ll meet new people every day and encounter unique situations.

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Are New Hires Drug Tested?

Are New Hires Drug Tested?

When someone tries to get a job at Planet Fitness, they need to make sure that they’re going to land the position. Unfortunately, the applicant will have to complete several steps first.

After you’ve applied for a position, you’ll need to wait for the interview. If everything goes well, you may be asked to take a drug test.

Usually, Planet Fitness does not drug test job applicants. However, it is essential to remember that many Planet Fitness gyms are owned by franchisees.

Therefore, you may be applying for a position at a franchise-owned gym. In this situation, it is up to the franchise owner to decide whether applicants will be drug tested.

For the best results, avoid using drugs and make sure you can pass the test.

Does Planet Fitness Do Random Drug Tests?

Many companies used random drug tests to avoid keeping drug addicts. These individuals could create problems for the company and its brand. Random drug tests can be helpful in eliminating problematic workers.

Nevertheless, many companies do not use random drug tests. Planet Fitness usually does not, but it depends on the franchise owner.

If you work at Planet Fitness, you’re likely not going to get drug tested at random. You might get tested if someone suspects you’ve been using drugs though.

Getting Drug Tested At Planet Fitness

Even though the company usually doesn’t drug test new workers, it is possible to get drug tested by Planet Fitness. Typically, the company drug tests workers in specific situations.

For instance, it is common for a worker to be drug tested after they’ve been injured on the job. If the worker passes the test, the company will be liable for their medical bills. Otherwise, they will try to get out of paying these costs.

Workers can also be drug tested if it is believed they’re high or drunk on the job. Most workers won’t be drug tested while working at Planet Fitness, but it is always possible. Therefore, it is best for Planet Fitness employees to remain clean.

What Drug Test Does Planet Fitness Use?

What Drug Test Does Planet Fitness Use?

It is not likely that someone is going to be drug tested at Planet Fitness, but it could happen. What type of drug test will Planet Fitness use? Ultimately, it depends on the owner of the gym. A franchise owner will decide what works best for the franchise.

Most companies use either urine drug tests, swab drug tests, or blood drug tests. Urine and swab drug tests are the most common because they’re inexpensive and effective.

These tests are also easy for the company and the participant. If you’re asked to take a urine test, you will likely have to visit a nearby clinic to provide a sample.

Passing A Planet Fitness Drug Test

Nobody wants to fail a drug test because that would cause them to lose their jobs. Instead, it is pertinent to make sure that you can pass the test without issues. The best way to do that is by making sure that you’re clean.

Instead of trying to beat the test at the last minute, you should avoid using illegal drugs. It is one thing to use prescription medications when you have a valid prescription.

Avoid using any illegal drugs including marijuana and cocaine. You’ll also want to avoid using drugs that you don’t have a prescription for. Otherwise, you will fail your drug test and lose your job.


Planet Fitness can be a fun working environment for fitness enthusiasts. You’ll even get a free membership so you can work out when you’re off the clock.

Avoid losing the job opportunity by making sure that you remain clean. Don’t abuse drugs because you may get drug tested at any point.

Planet Fitness tends to use urine drug tests and swab drug tests. Be ready for anything by getting clean. Doing so is better than trying to cheat a drug test at the last minute.

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