Does QuikTrip Drug Test?

Interested in working in a major convenience store? If you’re from the midwest, south, or southeast of the United States, you have most likely been to a QuikTrip or passed one by. Now if you’re interested in joining their team, we have got you covered.

QuikTrip, based in Oklahoma, was founded in 1958 by Burt Holmes and Chester Cadieux. It currently has over 900 locations across the U.s, employing over 24,000 employees.

QuickTrip actually made it to Forbes’ Fortune 100 list and generally gets considered to be one of the best companies to work for. So, getting a job there sounds pretty cool, so do they drug test? That’s the real question.

Does QuikTrip Drug Test?

Does QuikTrip Drug Test?

Does QuikTrip drug test in Carolina and other states? When it comes to QuikTrip’s drug testing, the answer is not that simple. It depends on your employment itself, if you’re working part-time, they likely won’t do a drug test. However, they do drug test full-time employees and they take it very seriously.

Still, things may change according to the different branches and managers, but the majority of the time, they do drug test the full-timers. Does QuikTrip drug test in Georgia? You bet; they do conduct a pre-employment drug test in Georgia.

There are other instances where QuikTrip will conduct a drug test, such as if you were involved in a workplace accident. The company will need to clear themselves of any legal liability, and also handle your medical bills if the accident was not your fault.

However, if you fail a workplace accident drug test, there is a very good chance you would be fired, as most companies do. Congratulations, you got a promotion and you’re moving up the ranks, now you have to take a drug test.

Yes, QuikTrip does conduct a drug test when employees are promoted. Hey, they need to make sure their managers aren’t huffing the gas (Seriously, the smell of petrol is very nice).

Do You Take A Drug Test The Same Day As The Interview?

Here’s the catch. While some companies could give you some time before the drug test is conducted, QuikTrip is also quite strict about the time of the drug test.

If you are applying for a full-time position, you can expect to be asked to conduct a urine test and submit it within 24 hours of the interview. If you fail to submit the urine test in 24 hours, they will conduct a hair follicle drug test.

The company reportedly does not conduct random drug tests, but some locations may have a scheduled routine drug test every few months or year.

Can You Fail A Drug Test Due To Medication?

Prescription medication can in fact affect the results of a drug test. If you’re on any sort of prescription meds, it is better to disclose that to your employer first with the details, so no misunderstanding will occur and you won’t risk the position.

The Hiring Process of QuikTrip

QuikTrip, as we’ve mentioned, enjoys a highly coveted spot on the Forbes list and that’s for a reason. The company brings in unbelievable revenue, such as 9.16 BILLION in 2017. Obviously, the company would like to maintain its position and its status among the competition. For that reason, their hiring process is more advanced and selective than your average retail or store clerk hiring process.

To apply, you’re most likely going to do it online and then they will contact you to schedule the interview. After they call you in, you’d be surprised to find a mandatory math test. Math?! Yeah, time to brush off on your multiplication tables.

It’s nothing earth-shattering, they won’t ask you about the Pythagorean theorem (It’s a2 + b2=c2). However, the test will cover the basics you need to handle business and transactions without problems.

After the math test comes the face-to-face interview. In the interview, you can expect basic interview questions about your skills, weaknesses, experience, availability, and the like.

The interview is simple enough, but they will conduct a background check to check if you had been involved in any crimes prior.

After the interview, you will be shown a video and have your orientation. Next comes the training process, which is vital and some do fail the training. The training is usually a week but could go longer in some cases.

Once you finish training, congratulations, you’re now a certified QuikTrip employee overlooking the best gas and donuts in the region. The whole process should take a couple of weeks in total, but some have experienced longer processes.

What Can You Expect Working At QuikTrip?

QuikTrip has been ranked as one of the best places to work, and for good reason. Most employees praise the environment and co-workers and say they make the shift much more enjoyable. You can expect an average pay of around $12 per hour for clerks and over $120,000 for real estate managers.

The company also offers attractive bonuses, insurance, employee discount, and the ability to move up the ranks quite quickly.

The hours are also quite flexible, though the cons include the stressful workload and the fact that there are no official breaks. Other than that, it’s quite a pleasant experience that you can definitely make into a full-time career if you get to the managerial position. If not, it’s still an important experience that you can take with you in your next professional endeavors.

Why Work In A Convenience Store?

Working in a convenience store, similar to working in a supermarket, brings with it certain perks that while you may find in other jobs, are much better here.

  • Customer Service: This is a two-edged weapon, as dealing with customers can either make or break your day. When, however, the customers are great, the entire shift can be uplifting and energetic. You’ll be able to help the customers with their products or questions, smile, crack a joke, make friends, and hey, maybe you’ll even find your special someone buying a pack of Tostitos and a slushie.
  • Perfect If You’re A Student: Convenience stores offer part-time positions that students can take and make some good money while their education is not affected. Of course, you will have to balance and manage your time perfectly, but you can pick your preferred hours and start your professional career early.
  • You can Get A Mentor: Yes, working in a convenience store can get you counseling and education about professional life in general. Even QuikTrip offers classes about work, business, and careers. You won’t just be learning how to make a killer latte.
  • Your Co-Workers: Convenience stores are small, and the smaller a workplace is, the more you get to know your co-workers. Of course, not all co-workers are great and friendly, but if you and your co-worker get along, you can have a great time over there. Your co-workers will be helpful, and supportive.

Still, it’s important to note that working long hours under stress while standing and dealing with customers is not for everyone. Some people were made to enjoy the lives of desks and computers, while some wander out into the social world of retail, convenience, and sliding credit cards. You have to make sure you’re up for the job first and then go ahead.


QuikTrip is quite a nice environment to work in, with friendly colleagues and excellent management. You will find plenty of perks and opportunities as a clerk, assistant, or manager.

The hiring process is quite thorough, but passing the training and interviews will put you on track and make things much easier.

When it comes to the drug test, they do conduct pre-employment drug tests for full-time workers, and in case of promotions or workplace accidents. So go ahead, send in your application and start your convenient journey.

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