Finding Felony Approved Apartments Near Me

Finding Felony Approved Apartments Near Me is not an easy task. Many people have experienced problems in the past. After a tough childhood, you might’ve started hanging out with the wrong people.

Before you knew it, you had been arrested several times. Now, you’re a felon who is trying to straighten their life out.

If you’re willing to work hard, you can overcome these challenges. Nevertheless, you’re facing an uphill battle because people with felony records are heavily scrutinized by others.

Besides having difficulty getting employment opportunities, you may also struggle to find suitable apartments in your city. Some apartment complexes do not accept felons because they consider these tenants to be too risky. You need to apply for apartments at felony approved apartment complexes.

Below, you’ll find advice for locating apartments in your area that will rent to felons.

Finding Felony Approved Apartments Near Me

Typical Felonies

Having a felony conviction on your record is always worse than having a misdemeanor conviction. After all, felony crimes tend to be more severe. Even if it has been five, ten, or fifteen years, your felony record is going to follow and haunt you. Nevertheless, not all felony convictions are equal.

What are some of the most common felonies? Some people are convicted of felony drug crimes. While this crime is bad, it isn’t nearly as bad as a violent felony assault or a felony sex crime. Regardless, employers and apartment managers are going to be hesitant to rent to people with felony convictions.

Even if you were only convicted of a felony theft charge, the conviction will make your life harder. Since you’ve been labeled a felon, your past is going to be heavily scrutinized making it harder to find jobs, rentals, and more.

Drug crimes are some of the most common felonies followed by violent crimes, theft, and sex crimes.

Problems For Felons

Sadly, felons usually have difficulty returning to society. Unfortunately, these people are stigmatized due to their criminal records.

Others believe it is best to stay away from felons because they could always re-offend. In addition to this, felons lose certain rights once they’ve been convicted.


One of the biggest problems faced by felons is being unable to find suitable employment. Many employers aren’t willing to hire felons because they are considered too risky.

Since the felon is unable to find employment, they’ll be more likely to engage in illegal activities to earn money. Sadly, this will turn into a cycle with the felon being arrested and imprisoned numerous times.

It has become slightly easier for felons to get jobs in recent years after the federal government started offering tax incentives to companies hiring felons.


Besides having difficulty getting a job and rental, felons will also face difficulties in the education department. Many felons do not have GEDs or high school diplomas. Prison education programs are underfunded making it harder for inmates to receive an education while incarcerated.

It should also be noted that felons are not eligible for Pell grants so going to college will be very difficult. Some states have created plans to make it easier for inmates and felons to access educational opportunities.

No Voting Rights

No Voting Rights

When a felon is released from prison, they’ll want to return to society. They’ll want to become a productive member of society. Suffice it to say, these people want to work and vote.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for felons to vote in many states. Roughly 35 states have laws that forbid people on parole from voting.

Other states have laws that prevent felons from voting for long periods. In some areas, state boards or officers have to grant the felon permission to begin voting again. Being unable to vote can make a felon feel like an outsider.

Rental Issues

More importantly, felons have trouble finding rentals once they’re released from prison. Many rental managers aren’t eager to rent to felons because they could cause problems in the future. Some believe that felons are going to re-offend. Others worry that they won’t be able to pay their bills.

Many felons leave prison without any support from friends or family. They have nowhere to go so many end up living on the street.

Others are forced to live in temporary residences while they attempt to find a permanent solution. If the felon moves into a homeless shelter, they may reconnect with other felons and get involved in illegal activities again.

It is always wise for felons to move into halfway homes and sign up for reentry programs because they can help boost their chances of avoiding prison in the future.

Why Apartment Managers Are Skeptical

Apartment managers go to great lengths to screen their tenants. They have to make sure that they’re renting apartments to the right people. For starters, they must ensure that the tenant is going to pay their bills on time.

Furthermore, they have to avoid renting to people who are going to damage their apartments or use drugs on the grounds.

Apartment managers have to be skeptical of renting to felons for these reasons. Unfortunately, people are biased toward felons because of their criminal records. It is natural for people to be worried about dealing with felons because they have such a bad reputation.

It is often believed that felons are going to begin offending again. Although this may not be the case, there is no guarantee that it won’t be. Some felons do not have success after leaving prison and end up being arrested again. Apartment managers understand the risks of renting to felons and some argue it isn’t worth it.

When possible, they will always pick someone without a criminal record because they’re a safer tenant. There are apartments that accept felons though. Individuals with criminal records should start with these complexes first.

How To Get An Apartment As A Felon

How To Get An Apartment As A Felon

Since there are some felony friendly apartments, felons will have some options. However, those options are limited when compared to those available to others.

Felons will have to work much harder to find suitable housing, but they can do it. It is pertinent to be optimistic so you’ll continue working hard and applying for rentals each day.

Are you looking for “felon friendly apartments near me”? Use the advice below to get started.

Look For Apartments With No Background Checks

When you begin searching for apartments, you’ll find many options although some won’t be right for you. Each listing should provide information about the requirements for renting the apartment. For instance, the listing should tell you whether you have to provide a deposit and whether there is an extra fee for pets.

Furthermore, you may find information about the background check requirements. Some apartments are not going to rent to you until they’ve checked your background.

They want to know whether you’ve been convicted of certain crimes and when that happened. Most apartment managers will require background checks so they can learn more about the potential tenant.

However, some apartments do not run background checks on applicants. Since you have a felony record, it is best to apply for apartments at complexes with no background checks. Since they aren’t going to check your background, they won’t know about your criminal record.

Start with these apartments because you’ll have more success.

Choose Individual Landlords

Many apartments are owned by corporations while others are handled by management companies. These apartment complexes tend to be pickier when choosing tenants. For the best results, you should look for alternative rentals with individual landlords.

It helps if you have friends and family members who are willing to help. These individuals may know people who have rentals available in your area.

Regardless, you should check with individual landlords. Private renters tend to be more accepting than apartment complexes. When you deal with a private renter, you can talk to the landlord personally and explain your situation. They’ll probably run a background check, but you’ll be able to explain what happened first.

Therefore, the landlord will have the chance to get to know you more. Once they’ve learned about your story and what you’re doing to rectify your past, they’ll realize that your past doesn’t define you. As a result, they might be more willing to help you.

If you’re having trouble finding individual landlords in your area, consider talking to a realtor. They have connections so they can help point you in the right direction. Their services might cost money, but it’ll be easier to get an apartment when working with a realtor.

Use All Resources

Use All Resources

Are you looking for a list of felon friendly apartments? You might be able to find a list online. Otherwise, you should take advantage of the resources available to people in your area.

Federal, state, and local governments have started offering housing resources to people having difficulty finding suitable housing. These resources are often available to people living in poverty, homeless people, and felons.

Since you’re a United States citizen, you’re entitled to these benefits and should take full advantage of them. First, you should start by checking with the Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD.

The department can help you find low-income apartments. They may also be able to provide you with a list of apartments that are suitable for felons.

You can also try checking nonprofits and other organizations such as the Lion Heart Foundation. There are many apartments that rent to felons, but you have to find them first. By talking to local agencies, you can make the search for an apartment easier.

Boosting Your Chances

Felons will always have more difficulty when looking for apartments. Therefore, these people should be eager to work harder to get the spot. Otherwise, their felony conviction is going to make it impossible for them to find a rental. Thankfully, there are things you can do to boost your chances of getting a good rental in your area.

Try using the advice below to boost your chances.

  • First, you should think about writing a letter to the landlord or property manager. Unless you’re dealing with a private landlord, you probably won’t get to talk to the person. Writing a letter is a good option since you’ll be able to explain yourself. The landlord will learn more about you so they may be more comfortable renting to you.
  • When possible, you should try to find a character witness. You probably have someone in your life who is willing to speak on your behalf. They know how much you’ve worked to overcome your past. When applying for apartments, make sure this person talks to the landlord. They’ll tell the landlord why you should receive the apartment.
  • Although it might be impossible in some situations, you should offer to pay more than other tenants. Apartment complexes want to make money and get paid on time. If you can pay more and pay on time, you’ll have a better chance of getting the apartment.

Don’t give up. Take advantage of temporary accommodations until you can find a suitable permanent solution.

Do All Property Management Companies Rent To Felons?

Do All Property Management Companies Rent To Felons?

No, not all property management firms rent to people with felony records. Some property managers rule out all applicants with a felony arrest record while others are more lenient. It truly depends on the property manager and the applicant’s felony arrest record and rental history.

Do not hesitate to contact the manager prior to delving into the application process. Doing so can increase the odds of scoring an apartment on the first or second attempt.

All rental property firms have managers on standby Monday through Friday and some weekends. Property owners who manage their own apartments, condominiums, flats, and duplexes have more authority than property managers. Speaking to the property owner directly may prove to be very valuable in these circumstances.

Rental Property Application Process

Apartments that accept felons generally have a lenient application process. These are the apartment complexes that felons should set their eyes on first. These property managers are accustomed to working with felons, so your case will be no different.

The application process varies from one rental property firm to another. This includes the time it takes to verify the applicant’s identity, run the background check, validate the employer or other source of income, and confirm former landlords. It can take anywhere between a few days and weeks to hear something back from a typical rental property firm.

To ensure the best outcome, it is recommended to complete the rental application online. Modern technology has definitely improved how rental properties operate. Applicants can expect a paper-free application in most cases which can help speed up the process.

The residential rental application is fairly basic with a series of questions, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Employment (occupation, employer, supervisor)
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license
  • Social Security number
  • Additional occupant(s)
  • Pet(s)
  • Email
  • Income

The applicant will also need to specify the number of bedrooms and property type. Disabilities must also be specified in the application.

Can Landlords Deny Housing To Applicants With Felony Records?

Can Landlords Deny Housing To Applicants With Felony Records?

Yes, managers and landlords have the right to deny housing to a felon applicant to protect their properties, tenants, and communities. Felony convictions are a red flag that should be addressed accordingly.

Felons should not expect special treatment because they have a serious criminal record. Your application can be denied as well as anyone with a poor rental history.

Using A Search Engine

Felons will have to search and work harder to find suitable apartments. Nevertheless, there are apartment complexes that accept felons as long as they can pay.

You should start by using your favorite search engine to find these apartments. You must remember that apartments are unique because they’re not owned by the same people.

Therefore, the apartments that accept felons will vary from one city to the next. Use Google or another search engine to look for apartments in your area.

When you find an apartment complex, be sure to check the reviews. You might find information about felons and whether they’re accepted.

The search engine will also provide information about agencies that help house felons in your state. ReLink is one of the most notable.

Using Zillow

Zillow is considered one of the best property search engines on the Internet. Whether you’re looking for rentals or want to buy a home, you should not hesitate to use Zillow. It’ll provide you with quick results and thorough information about the rental in question. You can also use Zillow to contact the property owner or manager.

When you use this website, you will find pictures of the apartment and a detailed description. Usually, the description will provide vital information such as the monthly cost and rental requirements. Read the description carefully since it might tell you whether the landlord will conduct a background check.

If you cannot find this information, contact the landlord using Zillow to ask.

Craigslist Can Help

While Craigslist can be shady, it is used by reliable landlords and rental agencies. You’ll just need to be careful when using Craigslist to find suitable rentals. Otherwise, you might give your private information to a scammer. Regardless, you may find a good apartment by using Craigslist.

Again, the description on this website should tell you whether you will be background checked. If it doesn’t, you can contact the landlord using the site to find out. Use Craigslist to pinpoint apartments in your area.

Check them thoroughly to ensure that they’re real before submitting your application.

Using this website is another option since it website is dedicated to apartments around the world. The only downside is that many of the rentals are not available to felons. You must read the description to determine whether felons are accepted. You can use the site to get in touch with the landlord.

If you’re having difficulty finding suitable rentals elsewhere, try using It may have apartments that aren’t listed elsewhere.

Unconventional Solutions

If you’ve been unable to find suitable housing elsewhere, you should try unconventional solutions. When possible, try staying with friends and family members. If you have strengthened your resolve, you can also stay at homeless shelters for the time being. Just make sure that you stay away from people who could cause problems and lead you back to a life of crime.

Staying at weekly or monthly motels is another option. When you have extra money, you can try finding rentals on Airbnb and similar websites. Since these sites offer short-term rentals, they usually don’t require background checks. The only downside is that you might pay more and you’ll have to move again.

Finally, consider looking for openings at local RV parks because they usually don’t use background checks.

What Felons Should Expect When Renting An Apartment

What Felons Should Expect When Renting An Apartment

Any felon looking to rent an apartment should expect extra scrutiny. Unfortunately, the type of person you are now will likely not matter to your potential landlord. It is the landlord’s job to carefully screen all candidates.

Felons will likely find themselves jumping through additional hurdles than reputable tenants without criminal records. Your criminal record will obviously be looked into first using a comprehensive background check.

Being on parole could lower your odds of getting the rental. In addition to your criminal history, the landlord will likely check your employment history. They’ll want to know more about your current employment situation to ensure that you can afford the apartment.

If you don’t have a job, you’re probably not going to get the apartment. The only exception is if the applicant is on government benefits.

You may also have to undergo a credit check. Felons should prepare to explain their situations so they can try to convince the landlord to give them a chance.

Finding Felony Approved Apartments Near Me Summary

Felons can obtain apartments although it is going to be much harder for these individuals. Many apartment complexes aren’t willing to work with felons because they’re worried about future risks. Even if you have been clean for 10 years, your history will come back to haunt you and make your life harder.

With this in mind, you should begin searching for apartments that regularly rent to felons. Since these complexes have been rented to felons previously, they’ll be more likely to rent to you. You’ll also want to use government resources to find long-term solutions to your housing problem.